The vision

Kierstin & Eric Keller meld their enthusiasm for nature, skills in art, and educational backgrounds in marine biology and mathematics to communicate about the natural sciences to all ages through professional infographics, illustrations, and fine art collections.



Both Kierstin & Eric acquired their bachelors of science from University of Alaska Southeast, in Juneau, AK. Kierstin majored in marine biology and Eric double-majored with honors in marine biology and mathematics. Kierstin & Eric are self-taught artists. Their artistic inclinations have flourished since childhood and have developed into a wide array of 2D and 3D creations.

Art Awards:

2010 — National JoAnn Craft Fine Arts Contest, 2nd Place | 2008 — National Lucerne “The Art of Dairy”, Honorable Mention | 2008: Southern Oregon “Best of the Best” Art Show Selection | 2009, 07, 05: Mail Tribune - Cover/Add Contest, 1st Place | 2002: Santa Barbara Christmas News Press Contest, 1st Place | 1999: National Crayola Dream Makers Young Artist Contest, 1st Place


Imagine. Create. Inspire.
— Kierstin & Eric Keller
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Primary author

NOAA Technical Memorandum:

Guide for identifying select bivalve species common to Southeast Alaska

(K. Keller, K. Brown, S. Atkinson and R. Stone — 2017)


Primary Author

Glacier Bay National Park Service Progress Report:

Sighting frequency and distribution of marine mammals opportunistically sighted in Glacier Bay, AK and adjacent waters (2005-2014)

(K. Keller, C. Gabriele, H. Pearson, J. Neilson, P. Vanselow, E. Keller — 2017)

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“Marine Mammal Science” Note:

Diet of northern sea otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni) from Icy Strait, Alaska, based on stomach contents analysis

(K. Brown, S. Atkinson, K. Keller and H. Pearson — 2018)